LUX Glow in the Dark Performance

We kicked off the incredible LUX Light Festival with a spiriting 30 min performance which left us blistered and dripping with sweat ending on an upbeat festival song incorporating Glow in the Dark drumsticks and Glow sticks. This was an unbeieveble experience, which incoporated hours and hours of practice, workshops and meters upon meters of glow tape and sawdust.

It was a great excuse for our members to get thinking and bring out artistic insparation. We experimented with glow in the dark tape and tried our hands at playing with chappa チャッパ, and a home made Oke (Katsugi Oke Daiko) for the first time. This was a debut performance for many of our members and sadly a final performance for three of our members, two of which are moving to Europe and one Japan.

After the performance, full of energy and uplifted with the thunderous applause and kind words of the audience, we went around all the exibitions in the festival. If you haven't been to the festival yet, it's running for two weeks, so head down to the waterfront to check it out!

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