West Fest

February 2016, West Park School, West Fest.

Excitement gripped us as we had been practicing for weeks coming up to our first performance of the year. A mixture of experienced and novice drummers coming together as one to entertain and inform the attendees of the festival about the wonderful world of Japanese Taiko Drumming.

With only 15 minutes, there was no room for error. Everyone had to be in the right place at the right time to move or hit a drum for the performance to resonate with the audience.

With good communication and direction we were able to pull it off with no mistakes and to great effect which was enforced by the enthusiasm of the crowd, which was filled with people of all ages as the booming sound of the taiko drums rolled across the ground.

Overall the performance was a great success, everyone enjoyed themselves and with more upcoming events, the community that is Narukami Taiko is set to get bigger and better than ever.

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