In 2016 March, a Japanese fireman’s standard-banner called Matoi appeared in New Zealand for the first time. It was the first Matoi made by Jessie Gibbs, the Badass Taiko Master. The Matoi was mainly used for ceremonial purposes. However, it eventually became a weapon to punish lazy students in her Taiko lesson. They said Jessie found such an appropriate way to value one of the Japanese ancient device other than its original usage which is an indication for a site of fire on top of the burning roof… You can see our Matoi in action tomorrow at Cuba Dupa. We kick off our performance at 5pm at the intersection of Cuba and Abel Smith St's. We will parade down Cuba st, turn at Vivain St and head down Marion St to the leeds St carpark where from 5:50pm we will performing with 3 other taiko teams for an hour of insane drumming.

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