Out in the Park 2016

The Love Parade is a special event that means a lot to us here at Narukami Taiko

Most importantly, it is a way for us, as a team, community group, and individuals, to show our love and support to our LGBTQ friends, family, and teammates. Out in the Park and the Love Parade 2015 was our first public performance as Narukami Taiko.

This year, Out in the Park was held at Waitagi Park in Wellington. We were to be that buffer between where the Love Parade finished and Out in the Park began. As the wonderfully loud Batucada and joyful participants of the Love Parade drew close, we began playing. We opted for the song Gezanbayashi which is a joyful song accompanied by dance and cymbals called chappa.

A lot has changed since our first performance for Out in the Park. At the time we did not have any uniforms, so we played in tshirts with the different colours of the rainbow. Now we have black uniforms with a white and red logo on the front and back. We still wanted to wear rainbow proudly, so in the weeks before, we bought rainbow material and sewed rainbow tenegui (Japanese headbands/head scarfs) The end result was some badass ninjas wearing rainbows dancing with the queen. Out in the Park was a fantastic day out in the sun with an amazing array of talent up on stage to interesting booths and stalls around the park. If you’re in Wellington in March next year, come along to Out in the Park and support the community

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