Noodle Markets

The Wellington Noodle Market was a 5-day event celebrating Asian food and culture against the wonderful backdrop of the Wellington Waterfront. It was extremely well supported by local businesses and the local community alike and served to bring together a fantastic mixture of sights, sounds and, of course, flavours.

Asian sounds performed by people in the local community is the lifeblood of Narukami Taiko and we were fortunate enough to be asked to come and perform there and provide entertainment for the festival-goers. We had 5 separate performances in the schedule which provided a fantastic opportunity to be able to play to a very diverse audience, for us to be able to showcase some new songs and provide the opportunity for new players to perform and enjoy the experience of stepping out with the team and putting all that practice into action.

As you’d expect, there were plenty of Narukami members who were keen to be involved, so we were able to put together a set of performances that included a wide range of songs to suit players of all experience levels; from the flowing and graceful sounds of Ujigawa to the raucous and powerful rhythms of Gaina and Katano and everything in between including a fitting debut performance of festival song Ogi Matsuri.

Mother nature treated us to a range of conditions in which to enjoy the event, from the clear, crisp twilight of the opening night performance, to the unseasonably sunny weekend show where the arena was packed with curious foodies all taking in the sights and sounds of the drumming with the hazy backdrop of charcoal barbecue smoke adding to the atmosphere.

We smashed out some great songs and have some wonderful memories of the event as well as enjoying some personal and group goals being achieved. The only thing to literally put a dampener on the proceedings was the final performance getting cut short due mother nature’s last little gift to us in the form of a far more seasonable shower of rain just to let us know this truly is Wellington, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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