2017 Starts With a Bang !

Where has the time gone?! Wasn't so long ago that we were ringing in the start of the new year and now, January is almost over.

In saying that, Narukami Taiko has been busy the last few weeks!

Work started on the pre-term open day with Jessie, Claire and Char visiting the Newtown Saturday Market to advertise the session for the next day. It must have been a successful venture as we had a good turn out ranging from toddlers to grandparents. The session started with simple drills, a demo such as you'd learn in a real class and then got people started on the beautiful Taikobayashi. Intermixed with that was a couple of favourites performed by the current team to demonstrate what the goals of the class are. The place was buzzing and it seemed like everyone just wanted to have a go! A number of keen new recruits have signed up as a result, and we can't wait to meet and play alongside them.

The team was also invited to perform to the residents of Argo Trust (http://www.argo.org.nz/). We arrived at the purposely built residence on an overcast day, silently pleading to Narukami to stave off the weather until we finish ! Our prayers were answered , the sun came out and we managed to perform without a hitch. In Narukami's honour, we played the song Gaina which emulates the god's name of thunder and lightning.

Both staff and residents were fascinated by the powerful beats of the drums. They were so excited to have us there, they even posted a live video stream on their facebook page! All the players that performed were super-excited to be playing again, and hope we can do more events for the special peeps at Argo.

Bring on the new year !!

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