Unifying Past, Present & Future

Narukami Taiko is five years old, and we are celebrating ! Another fantastic milestone for the team that continues to go from strength to strength. This year we are doing something special to celebrate; something really special…

On July 27th we will be stepping out on stage as we host our very own concert. The theme for the concert is Journey which we think is a fitting subject for the experiences of the group over that period. In that time a dream was hatched and nurtured, the group was formed and grew. The individuals who came together have grown and developed and been on their own voyage of self-discovery and at the same time forged bonds and shared experiences which have taken the team through its own growth, its own changes in personality and has ultimately led it to how it is today. Many Taiko songs themselves reflect on motion and movement and have their origins in the concept of journey, be it in a literal sense reflecting a mighty river travelling across the lands, to a more abstract sense reflecting the growth of knowledge and wisdom. Such is the depth of the concept and how applicable it is to the art of Taiko and to life itself we are dedicating this occasion to it.

Three years ago I wrote an article on the experiences I had as part of my first year of involvement with the team and having just re-read that article, it’s incredible how strongly that concept was evident as part of my thoughts then, of course not knowing then about would be happening now. It’s very satisfying to see that same concept being a consistent feature of being with this team and playing Taiko through the years.

So how do we reflect the concept of a Journey in a concert ? We travel from the past to the future; we embrace our past while being excited for the future and as part of that we celebrate old experiences and we enjoy new experiences. All of these concepts are and will be evident. I say ‘are’ because the concert itself is not the journey, in fact the preparations for the concert are all part of that experience too and that has already provided us with a number of new experiences ranging from composing songs to learning new instruments to standing motionless and being poked and prodded for pictures which would ultimately appear on posters and flyers. Of course, as well as the new songs we’ll be performing, and the new look for the team... there will, of course, also be the old favourites, on which the tradition of the team still rests.

As with any epic journey, much planning and preparation is required and that’s where we are right now. We are all super-excited to be involved in this adventure so to be prepared and be looking our best on the day, the landscape currently is one of activity : emails, workshops, more workshops, orders for equipment, uniforms, practicing, and a general hum of excitement and concert-related chat; and yet despite all that, it still feels like the calm before the storm… well for us regular Joes of course, I’m sure Jessie and the organising group are flat out with it all, but I have no doubt everything will be ready to go on July 27th.

So here’s to the excitement that any journey brings with it, the promise and realisation of new experiences. Despite being our biggest ever team event, the concert is not our destination or the end of our journey; the Journey remains exactly that… something never ending. The concert is our way of celebrating our Journey together and sharing it with you if you’ll come along for the ride.

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