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We offer different classes throughout the week. Courses run for 10 weeks. The course costs $150* and your first pair of bachi/sticks are included.

Sundays Beginner          5:00 - 6:50PM
Sundays Advanced         6:50 - 8:50PM

Monday Intermediate     7:00 - 9:00PM

Tuesdays Beginner         6:10 - 7:55PM

Tuesdays Intermediate    7:35 - 9:30PM

Wednesday Advanced     7:00 - 9:00PM


Sundays - Wellington High School

Mondays - Cook Islands Society Hall

Tuesdays - Hutt Central School

Wednesdays - South Wellington Intermediate School

*Sunday classes $170

We also run regular workshops for our team with visiting overseas taiko teachers. These workshops are intense and in depth and require separate registration.



Narukami Taiko perform regularly at street festivals, marathons, private functions, corporate events, parades, pride events, and various other occasions around the Wellington region. If you would like us perform, email us at to make your next event go off with a bang!



We offer various kinds of workshops (max. 25 people) where we bring our drums to you. These range from a quick 20 minute session at your school, Christmas party or festival event, to half-day team building workshops. The possibilities are as broad as your imagination.... and we will work with you to design a session which meets your needs.


Open Sessions

Throughout the year, we hold Open Days as tasters for people who have an interest in giving taiko a go. This is a no pressure session where you can learn some of the taiko basics of and a simple rhythm. Open Days are free, and everyone is welcome.


Next Open Day

Saturday 14th January 2023

12:00 - 1:00pm 

Hutt Central School Hall


Team Building

Taiko is a team effort. To create a captivating performance, each member of the team has to commit and do their best. Team members have to work together to coordinate their movement and voices, and bring energy and focus to maintain the momentum and rhythm of the song. Taiko presents group challenges that parallel situations in the day to day work environment. Using taiko as part of team building is a unique and fun way to demonstrate the importance of team work to achieve a positive result. If you are interested in using taiko as part of your broader team building activities, send us an email at


Taiko Repair

Revive your taiko's sound with our repair services. Over time, the skin may become flat or damaged, but don't worry, we've got you covered. Choose from either New Zealand or Japanese cowhide for skin replacement. If your taiko is just sounding flat, we can also tighten the existing skin to bring it back to life

Email us at

Picture is of retightened bamboo taiko

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