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Narukami Taiko welcomes people of all genders, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, and from ages 13 - 100+. Students from the age of 10 are welcome with an accompanying parent or guardian. We run classes ranging from Beginner to Advanced on different nights of the week. No prior knowledge or experience is needed to join our classes. Classes run on terms consisting of 10 weeks at $120 a term. You will receive your first pair of bachi (sticks) free.

Sunday Beginners

Sunday class is located at Wellington Girls College in Thorndon, from 6 - 8pm. 
This class is a long standing class, and ranges from experienced taiko players, to players hitting the drum for their first time


Sunday Intermediate

Sunday class is located at Wellington Girls College in Thorndon, from 6 - 8pm. 
This class is a newly created class for members who have been playing with Narukami for a while.

Monday Advanced

Monday Advanced, held at the Newtown Working Mens' Bowling Club, is a long standing class with seasoned Narukami players and performers. We learn new pieces and practice staple Narukami songs. 

Tuesday Beginners

Tuesday Beginners is our newest class. Located at Petone Central School, and practicing from 7 - 9pm. Tuesday class is bustling with new members from the Hutt, and is one of our greatest mix of ages. A fantastic class to start your taiko journey, especially if you live outside central Wellington

Thursday Beginners

Thursday Beginners class is held at the Newtown Working Mens' Bowling Club, and practices from 6 - 7:50pm This class shares its last 10 minutes with the advanced class, were both classes practice songs together. As the advanced class is held immediately after the beginners class, this class does not need to pack up the drums, therefore ending 10 mins earlier than other classes.

Thursday Advanced

Thursday Advanced class was Narukami Taiko's first class. Started in 2014, this advanced class includes some of our teams longest practicing members. Playing from 7:40 - 9:40pm, the advanced crew practices new and old songs.

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